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Knowing that enough is enough is important. Knowing that just enough is more than enough, is essential.

My name is CJ and I am a stuff-aholic in recovery. Over the last four years, I’ve been gradually decluttering and simplifying my life … and I still have a very long way to go.

Ten years ago my ambition was to grow a cottage garden outside my flat in South East London, have some chickens and live the Good Life while still working in the City. Eight years later, thousands of hours chained to my desk, and two years into the declutterathon, I am living outside London and run my own business but never get out into the garden and have no chickens. What the hell went wrong?

This blog is my exercise in soul-searching and accountability, getting me on track so that I find my way to greater simplicity, more connectedness and a more passionate, fun way of living that doesn’t revolve around stuff and nonsense. Through it, I’m going to explore what a new home might look like with less stuff (haven’t found the home yet, so there’s some things to move on before then), what a simpler way of being, living and working might look like, and test some of my assumptions that have kept me acquiring,

I’m going to be doing all of that with my trusty sidekick, Heinrich the Hound*

(*Not his real name, he has asked for privacy)

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